How to Build Systems in Business like an Expert

Raise your hand if you’re tired of brainstorming new business systems and processes. ✋

Racking our brains to reinvent the wheel isn’t cutting it anymore, especially since it requires so much time and creativity. If you’d rather pour your energy into implementing proven frameworks, you’re in the right place!

We’re surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, i.e., YouTube tutorials and articles upon articles. And it’s about time we use it. 

Instead of making things up as you go, you can create business systems using inspiration from industry pros.

Review the video or keep reading to learn how! 👇

Breaking down Business Systems for Newbies 

A business system is a set of processes to help you accomplish a desired result.  

Think of it as a roadmap, guiding you and your team through various avenues of your small business, like your onboarding process or customer relationship management (CRM). 🗺

An efficient system:

  • Streamlines your workflow
  • Supports your business needs
  • Keeps you on track with your goals
  • Boosts your team’s productivity

And a lot more!

But just because you have a system in place, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s helpful. That’s why assessing what’s working and what isn’t is essential. If you notice bottlenecks and work mistakes, it may be time to implement a new business system with a little inspiration from another expert.   

Fuel Your Knowledge With a Library of Business Systems

Many operation consultants excel at what they do because they…

✅ Test out different strategies to see what works
✅ Record their findings
✅ Apply their results to clients across different industries

And guess what? You can create business systems with the same approach. 

If you’re reading this, you may think, Wait! Isn’t this stealing? I don’t want to copy and paste another brand’s style. 🙅‍♀️

It’s not about stealing, but taking inspiration and then making it your own. 

It’s like hiring a business coach and customizing their plan to support your journey. It boils down to being open to new strategies, trying them out, and seeing what sticks. 

💡 Speaking of inspiration, feel free to use our comprehensive program, ProcessDriven Foundations™, to help organize what you do and how you do it with the help of your team and our supportive community. 

Let’s dive into some examples of effective systems you can incorporate today! 

Consistently Follow-up Like a Realtor

Realtors are true masters at bringing in leads. If you struggle here, consider reading realtor books and blog posts. 

Here are some golden nuggets from their industry:

✅ Establish a follow-up schedule: Use a spreadsheet to record leads, track follow-up dates, and dedicate time slots to prospecting. 
✅ Determine the best communication channel: Find the easiest way to reach a lead, like email, phone call, text, or traditional mail. Every person is unique, so tailor your approach to them. 
✅ Offer value in your exchanges: Send relevant resources and tips based on previous conversations.
✅ Personalize your statements: Rather than copying and pasting email responses, customize your phrases to build a trusting client relationship. 
✅ Read the room and learn to pause: After following up a few times, send a final message with a warm closing statement. 

You can take a page (or more!) from their playbook and add your own spin to see how it helps your business stay consistent with leads. 

Boost Your Booking Rates Like a Dentist

Dentists have a great stream of business, and it’s not only because people care about their dental hygiene. It’s also due to their booking system. 🦷

Typically, you go to a cleaning session and schedule your next appointment before leaving the office. This strategy cuts straight to the chase and ensures you have business lined up without having to reach out month after month for additional work.   

You can also increase repeat bookings by:

  • Reselling your services in personalized packages
  • Creating a loyalty program so customers earn rewards while reserving your services
  • Sending thank you emails to encourage them to book again 

📝 Note: You may need to modify some of these approaches to support your business model. Test the waters and create business systems that align.  

Offer Stellar Customer Service Like Retail Workers

Think about your favorite local shops. Beyond the products, there’s a reason why you return. It could be the welcoming environment or the bargains; but for many people, it comes down to great customer service. 🤝

For example, Trader Joe’s is known for providing an exceptional customer experience by having employees compliment shoppers. 

Review protocols from customer-oriented brands and consider employing them. Look for common threads in each business, such as:

  • Professional responses to customers
  • A central communication hub, like a customer portal system
  • Attention to pain points, successes, and empathy
  • Team-driven work culture 

In addition, you can use this post to help build a customer support workflow! 

Put Our Tips Into Practice and Create Better Business Systems

  1. Consider areas in your business that require improvement. 
  2. Walk step-by-step through your current process. You can use a process map for a visual breakdown of your system. 
  3. Then, think about someone you admire who has a successful process.
  4. Review their system and customize their framework.

💡 Pro tip: Expand your network to professionals outside of your industry. Their approach may be vastly different from those in your niche.   

And there you have it, folks! A simple way to incorporate effective business systems without reinventing the wheel every time.

All you have to do is identify your desired result, find an expert who has achieved it, and learn from them. Like The Karate Kid, you can find your Mr. Miyagi and apply their technique.

This post is a small glimpse into business systems. But if you want to master processes, feel free to use us as a guide: 👇

The Blueprint: A free webinar training with our process-building strategy.
✅ How to SmartSuite: An action-oriented course highlighting the essentials of SmartSuite.
✅ How to ClickUp: A comprehensive course to help kickstart your ClickUp journey. 
✅ ProcessDriven Foundations™: Our signature program features resources, templates, and community support to organize your work management software.

We hope these resources help you build systems in your business like a true pro.

Until next time, enjoy the process!

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