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Stress-free team operations — in just 13 weeks.

Join the program that already guided 1,800+ teams to systemize their daily work directly within their ClickUp or SmartSuite Workspace. Reduce mistakes, memorization, and stress by building a foundation of process for your team. 

Teams Transformed with This Program
1500 +
Years of Perfecting This Transformation
3 +
Raving Client Testimonials (So Far)
142 +

“The ProcessDriven methodology just took our machine from being a trusty Toyota to a bad-ass BMW M3…

[I’ve seen] a measurable 75x ROI over this year within a week of implementing what I learned in ProcessDriven… assuming I change nothing in my business from this point onward. But you know it’s gonna get even better as I get more processes built and use them to scale our company.”

Richard, Program Graduate

These results are shared as an example, not as a guarantee.

The way your team works isn't working...

Despite your good intentions, it feels like your team is flying by the seat of their pants. 

On good days, you hardly notice the issues. 


When orders spike, a team member is out sick, or you’re having an off day, mistakes cost you time, money and energy you don’t have. 

These messy moments are more than “growing pains” to adjust to. They’re actively blocking your team’s growth.

You know:

If your team scales, these errors will scale too.

In order to grow, you need to find a way to make success repeatable.

So, like any reasonable person, you turned to the most popular business books like Scaling Up, Traction, Clockwork, Built to Sell, and more…

Every book preaches the importance of “processes and systems” that allow a team to run smoothly even if the business owner steps away. 

There’s only one problem.

These books, with their focus on theory and worksheets, fail to answer one crucial question…

How do you build processes that actually work?

Without direction, you’re left searching YouTube for questions like:

  • How can I prevent overdue tasks?
  • What is a standard operating procedure?
  • Which task management tool will be best for me?
  • How to prevent mistakes at work?
  • How do I get my team to follow a process (without being an asshole)? 

Every video provides conflicting answers and methodologies. 

You try a few tips and tricks before ultimately scrapping the “systemizing” project altogether. 

You don't have time for trial-and-error.

You can’t afford to risk wasting years “duct-taping” together systems that may or may not work for your team.

There IS an easier way…


Join the process-building accelerator that's transformed 1,842 teams.

In just 13 weeks in ProcessDriven Foundations™️ you’ll capture what and how your team operates as you master strategies to reduce stress, people-dependency, and inefficiency for years to come. 

"For the first time, we feel like we have a system and tool that is working for everyone on our very diverse team (even the techno-phobes!).

The structure of the Foundations program and the ProcessDriven framework has taken the task of coordinating and systematizing our practices from something we were dreading and floundering to complete into an actionable, scalable project. Through the bite-sized and digestible content, the incredible support of the community, and the impressive collection of resources, our team members are feeling empowered to take ownership of processes that are important to them, all while maintaining their boundaries and work-life balance. I cannot recommend ProcessDriven enough.”

Ellen, Program Graduate
WE'VE invested 6+ years OF EXPERIENCE INTO this program BECAUSE

We know you've probably tried...

While great for some, these band-aids don’t work for your team because they ignore the root problem. You don’t need “process hacks” you can “swipe” — you need a lasting process strategy your team can actually implement. 


When you join ProcessDriven Foundations...
In 1 Month

"Shiny objects" will stop distracting your team from essential tasks.

You'll master the best practices of your software (ClickUp or SmartSuite) to reduce miscommunications, wasted time, and confusion.

Mistakes will stop representing wasted time. You'll know how to turn mistakes into opportunities to make your team stronger.

Process maps will become your second love language. You can make any process your team does into a visual flowchart that anyone on your team can understand.

Know your back is covered when challenges come up, with expert support just a message away.

Every task your team does -- currently stored just in people's brains -- will be inventoried and categorized so nothing gets missed.

You'll have an organized structure of delivering high quality work to your clients without being slowed down by preventable errors.

No more memorizing task lists. Every team member's role is defined so that, when a team member is on vacation or changing roles, operations run smoothly.

You'll have your ClickUp or SmartSuite set up for processes and tasks while skipping the software trial and error.

Collaborators are ready-to-work inside your ClickUp or SmartSuite structure that's been future-proofed for growth. Plus, they'll have the right level of access to balance permissions and cost-savings.

In 2 Months
In 3 Months

Stop repeating yourself (for good!). You'll have a library of instructions for how to execute all core functions in your business.

Turn process-building into a game that every member of your team can play. From writing SOPs to developing Routines, every person on your team will be helping.

Your team operates calmly by trusting (and improving) the policies and procedures they co-authored.

With the process to build processes, you'll be able to boost the consistency, quality, or efficiency of any process, at any time. You're in control!

Feel fully in control of your business so you can hire, scale, or sell your business with ease.

Core values are baked into your process. By following your processes, your work becomes more human -- not less.

In 6 Months

Let your process — not your stress — determine your team’s productivity.

Let's explain what's included...

Through education, action, and a whole lot of personal support and feedback, you’ll go from feeling scattered to working in ClickUp or SmartSuite with ease!

Our signature, step-by-step curriculum to define your processes and set up your WORKSPACE


Unlock action-oriented lessons to guide you through structuring your ClickUp or SmartSuite around your business processes. With zero fluff and unlimited opportunities to ask questions, this course is the heart of the program.

This isn’t a static course — it’s a constantly updated reflection of current best practices, now in its fifth edition. There have been 63 updates since March 2024. 🚀

If you take one look at your to-do list, you know you’re too busy. But you probably don’t know why (or what needs to change to fix that). That’s why we start by looking at exactly what your business does – on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Together, we’ll define your processes, create a plan to vet the best ideas, and figure out who does what in your team.

Once you’ve identified your processes, how do they look in your software?

Together, we’ll share a beginner-friendly refresher to help master the basics of ClickUp or SmartSuite — from adding data to customizing view structures.

Plus, we’ll show you how to make the most of our templates for a “do it once and it’s done” approach to your structure.

Once you’re set up, it’s time to make your processes worth their weight in gold.

We’ll walk you through a proven, time-saving way to build SOPs, design an effective ProcessDriven HQ™, harness repeating and templated tasks, master the art of due dates, and so much more.

Our main goal? To optimize your effectiveness, and help you and your team save time while building your systemized operation.

We’ll bring it all together and demonstrate how to define, build, and equip processes with real-world business use cases.

Whether you’re selling products, services, or something in between… you won’t want to miss out! 

Prefer to preview the end before the beginning? We won’t stop you! This course is not “dripped”  — your license includes freeform navigation so you can jump to the sections that matter most to you.

Create expert-level Workspace build-outs in a fraction of the time. 

You’ll never get paralyzed by strategic questions like, “How should this process fit into my Workspace?” once you’ve got our entire library of plug-and-play process-first structures at your fingertips! 

Jump into the hot seat during group coaching calls to unlock real-time expert feedback.


During the 13-week program, you’re invited to join intimate live coaching sessions. Hosts alternate between a ProcessDriven expert coach and our CEO, Layla Pomper, to accelerate your progress. 

Jump into the hot seat for 1-1 feedback or learn from others’ Q&A by just listening in. Small groups and personal feedback ensure rapid progress!

Calls are currently on Thursdays at 1 PM Eastern.

Get the personalized feedback and reviews you need to fast-track your success.


Share videos, questions, and roadblocks you’re facing in our private community. Whether it’s a review of your Workspace structure, some insight into your processes, or venting about change management… get feedback from experts and peers!

Keep in mind — this isn’t one of those Facebook group “communities” to get lost in. Our ProcessDriven Coaches make sure every Foundations question is answered. 


Vault of 20+ Proven Templates

Templates can be a powerful way to speed up the implementation process. Unlock our growing library of process-first templates available exclusively to ProcessDriven Foundations™ members.

With a few clicks, your Workspace can be created for you! Simply customize them to your needs (we’ll show you how), so you can start reaping the systemization benefits.

The course/community helps you figure out the “why” behind the [ClickUp] structure in a more thought-out way that you can’t find on YouTube.


The feedback I get for my specific scenarios is invaluable.


What a true delight for me to have people who can really understand my thoughts and questions about all this!

Want to Know The Real Key to Success InsidE the program?

The Community You’ll FEEL a Part of From the Moment You Join

Have you ever felt like the only “process champion” fighting for change in your team? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why the real gold of ProcessDriven Foundations™ isn’t just the world-class content and resources… it’s the hands-on advice and support you’ll have access to inside.

When you join, you’ll be placed in a cohort with peers in the same stage of their process-building journey so you can learn, grow, and “graduate” together! 



Access dozens of checklists & decision trees that break down the logic behind setting up your account. Find the answers to questions such as, “Should this project be a List or a Task in ClickUp?” or “Should this be built as a Solution or Table in SmartSuite?” and many, many more. 

ProcessDriven HQ™ All-in-One TemplatE

Capture all your business knowledge in one spot using our signature ProcessDriven HQ™ Template – from your values to your team, your tools, and more. Swipe this customizable master template used by hundreds of our clients (and us!), and watch it become the foundation of your entire system.

“The PERSONAL feedback alone is worth its weight in gold. It's like having direct access to the best parts of everything -- not JUST ClickUp but processes and systems.

The depth of knowledge, care and feedback that you get is just unbelievable… not to mention the entire ProcessDriven team down to Norman and Alpha are the friendliest bunch on the interwebs. I honestly feel like I have made friends (who aren’t Judgy McJudgepants if you’re a little OCD)… And that’s not even mentioning the course… This entire course/system/community is the best investment you will ever make. Hands down. It should be twice the price — and knowing what I do now, I can honestly say I would pay it. Because they/it are worth it.”

Abi Paine
Owner & Virtual Assistant at Abi-lities Business Solutions


Feel secure that your work management software will be the reliable hub of your business operations.

Get the answers you need from other members across the world who truly want to see you succeed.

Access 1-on-1 feedback from Team ProcessDriven on your specific scenarios, so you can move forward with clarity.

Receive judgment-free encouragement, accountability, and validation from the ProcessDriven team.


THE RECIPE for a process-driven team

Foundations + Team

FASTER PROGRESs by working together

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that our program will help you achieve your process goals that we guarantee it. Join us and review the content that’s helped 1,800+ other leaders. If you’re not satisfied, just contact us for a full refund.

"Finally, I understand my own business!

I’ve never put any thought into most aspects of what we do/why. With the Process Org Chart, I could map out our tasks, routines and processes and started documenting our business!”

Philipp O. Stracker, CEO at Divimode



As a process consultant, I’ve spent over 6 years working with small teams. Along the way, I’ve realized two powerful truths about building a “source of truth” for business processes:

  1. Your work management software is only as strong as your daily work habits (aka processes). This is why done-for-you projects often fail.
  2. Every team’s processes are unique and cannot be solved by blanket prescriptions. Personal support is essential to client success.  

That’s why ProcessDriven Foundations™ combines coursework and coaching services into one comprehensive program to systemize small teams directly inside their work management software — namely, ClickUp or SmartSuite.

Designed for in-house implementation by...

Project Managers

who want to systemize execution


who want to reduce team-wide stress

Team Managers

who want to level up their department

This program teaches you how to administrate your work management software while organizing your processes at the same time. While we’ve seen business owners, employees, and managers all succeed in this program, our most successful members enroll a team member able to invest time and energy to champion an evolution of team-wide habits. 

ProcessDriven Foundations™
is not for everyone.



Are you ready for process?

We measure a  “systemized team” by three categories: the ability to execute tasks; the efficiency of investing time and energy; and the thoroughness of process documentation. 

Level 1

Finding product-market fit and growing revenue.

You’re trying new things constantly to figure out what works best.

Whatever is right in front of you and generating interest from potential customers.

Minimal, if any. Spreadsheets and note apps.

Level 2

Time wasted by fixing preventable mistakes and “putting out fires” as you go.

You might have a few templates or checklists, but most of the knowledge is in your head.

Addressing issues and solving problems as they come up, every time they come up.

Developing. You have a few best practices for the team and know you need to do more, but don’t have enough time with all the day-to-day work.

Level 3

Quality of work and specialization as your team is all wearing many hats.

There are still some fires to put out, but you’re finally able to dedicate time proactively to working on the business rather than in it.

Executing routine tasks and iterating on established processes to improve quality and efficiency.

Your foundation is built and you have a central source of truth for tasks that need to be executed every day.

Level 4

Your day-to-day is mapped out and you have time to work proactively on the projects you value the most. Creativity is your main constraint. 

You know exactly what needs to be done every day, and so does your team, freeing your brain power to focus on the bigger picture.

Some routine and reactive tasks, but most team time is spent on proactive work to grow or improve the business.

Nearly complete! Processes are developed, documented, and delegated and your work management tool is as valuable as a personal assistant.

Most clients join ProcessDriven Foundations™ after they pass Level 1: Starters. Through our step-by-step course, expert support, and plug-and-play structures, we get clients ready to stop reacting (Level 2) and start building (Level 4).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry! Once the countdown at the top of this page hits zero, we will not enroll any new clients into this ProcessDriven Foundations™ cohort. So, please, don’t miss the deadline! 😬

If now is not the right time, that’s okay! Join the waitlist for the next cohort. We open doors 2-3 times per year.

Enrolling in ProcessDriven Foundations™  is a one-time purchase (not a subscription) that gives you:

      • Lifetime access to course content for as long as the course exists; 
      • 13 weeks access to weekly coaching calls; and
      • 6-months of support through forum support and general membership events.

After 6 months from your purchase date, you will retain access to the course material only.

The average client requires 1-2 hours per week over 13 weeks to learn and implement this entire framework. 

But keep in mind… most managers (like you?) already invest at least this much time trying to fix symptoms caused by broken processes. 

In this way, ProcessDriven Foundations™ doesn’t add extra work; it’s just helping you make the most of the time you’re already spending. 

Our most successful clients are managers, project managers, or integrators on established teams of 3-30 people.

These teams know what they need to do but would like to add a little more consistency, creativity, and calm to how they do it.

We have members worldwide in all industries, ranging from dog trainers to universities to HVAC contractors to legal services to high-tech startups… you name it!

Yes! When you become a member, we include How to ClickUp and How to SmartSuite beginner courses as an added bonus.

Our “How to ___ ” products are software training courses for beginners. They’re designed for team members to master basic functionality as quickly as possible so users can effectively get work done. 

In contrast, ProcessDriven Foundations™ teaches real-world operations strategies, with an emphasis on process documentation. We then guide you through implementing these strategies inside your ClickUp or SmartSuite software. 

Foundations is not designed as a collection of tutorials nor to help you master an arbitrary collection of software features. YouTube is best for that!

If you’re more of a “details person”, it can be hard to evaluate a program if you’re unsure exactly what you’ll experience. We get it!

If you’d appreciate more specifics, check out this sneak peek where you can preview the curriculum, templates, and other key resources before you dive in.

We currently offer customized guidance, templates, and trained coaching support for ClickUp and SmartSuite only.

However, we’ve seen clients implement our principles inside ClickUp, SmartSuite, Notion, Monday, Airtable, Coda, Obsidian — you name it! As long as your software accommodates relational databases, you could implement our framework within your tool. (This means Asana and Trello are not compatible.)

We’d only recommend this “freestyle” path for users who are already very comfortable in designing workflows in their tool of choice from scratch — without templates or software support. 

Have a request for the next software we should formally support? Shoot us an email at and let us know!

No, sorry! This program is built to be implemented by an in-house team member.

This is an education and training program that guides leaders and managers. We provide resources, clear action steps, and feedback until members build a foundation of process for their operations. As a member, you’d be responsible for implementation and, ultimately, your success! 

If you have no time, consider enrolling a different member of your team.

Both! We don’t think most “passive” learning experiences actually create results for learners — and it sounds like you might agree!
When you enroll, you’ll receive invitations to our live coaching calls that are hosted each week during the 13-week program.

In between calls, Team ProcessDriven provides personalized feedback through our community forum. We ensure no question about Foundations is left unanswered.

We stand behind all of our products as they’ve each helped hundreds of business leaders like you already!

But — just in case that’s not your experience — all of our products are covered with a hassle-free 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you purchased your product less than 14 days ago and aren’t satisfied with your purchase…you can submit a refund request via email at (Though we doubt you’ll need it! 😉)

We’re also hosting a live Q&A session on July 23, 2024, where we’re answering additional questions from your peers! 

Have a question we didn’t answer yet? Message us your question — we’d be happy to help!

Don't take our word for it.
Hear what some of the 1,800+ clients who came before you had to say...

Are You Ready to Build the Systems You Need…


This is your invitation to remove the blocks from your team’s productivity with ProcessDriven Foundations™

Access world-class resources, expert support, and a like-minded group of peers as you build the foundation of process that will support your team for years to come.

1,800+ teams transformed so far...
will yours be next?