How to Identify (and Fix) a Disorganized Small Business Culture

This week, Layla at ProcessDriven is taking you behind the scenes in a disorganized small business culture to help you identify the small habits causing big chaos.

Fixing Process Failures at Work is Easy

It’s easy to spot a disorganized small business culture. Deadlines get missed. Priorities are unclear. The sweat (and stress) facing a few dedicated employees becomes the duct tape that (just barely) holds things together.

But how do we fix a disorganized small business? It comes down to:

  1. Identifying the behaviors that cause disorder or chaos in business
  2. Changing those behaviors.

With the chaotic habits being so small, the change in behavior is also typically quite small. (In fact, system-building can be done in just 5 quick steps.)

Organizing the business sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Identifying Disorganized Work Habits is Challenging

There’s just one problem… most businesses don’t have ONE big troublemaker causing disorder. (This isn’t a Marvel movie!)

In reality, business is usually added into a team culture through small, seemingly harmless habits. (One common bad habit is unclear task assignments!)

Left unchecked, these habits compound the chaos in daily operations until the overall business seems, feels, and operates chaotically.

Spotting these easy-to-fix “chaos-causers” in our business can be a challenge!

Fix Business Chaos with ProcessDriven

That’s why, in this week’s video, Layla at ProcessDriven is inviting you to practice together. Throughout the video, we’ll act out a real-world business scenario and practice spotting the chaos-causers.

(Want to see if you can spot them all? Scroll up and watch the video at the top of the blog!)

Once you identify the behaviors that are causing your small business to feel stressed, you can build your processes to fix them. This might mean developing procedures, changing policies, or introducing new routines.

Not sure how to build business processes your team will actually use? That’s exactly what our signature program ProcessDriven Foundations™ is all about — just sayin’. 😉

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