Your FIRST hour in SmartSuite for Task Management (Beginner Setup Tutorial)

Ready to set up SmartSuite? It all begins here! In this beginner tutorial, we’ll guide you step-by-step through creating your SmartSuite account for the first time. We’ll demo SmartSuite while providing a tour of the hierarchy, key features, and essential settings.

Skip AHEAD using the timestamps below

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:59 Wait, what’s Task Management?
  • 06:07 ⭐️ Pro Tip: Save 10% on SmartSuite
  • 07:05 Create SmartSuite Workspace
  • 12:33 Adjust Workspace Settings
  • 24:40 Profile/Personal Settings
  • 32:18 Tour of SmartSuite
  • 44:05 ⭐️ Pro Tip: Using Emojis + Reminders of our Platform Overlords
  • 58:46 Replace Demo with Task Management Hub
  • 59:07 Define a SmartSuite Start/End Routine
  • 1:01:21 ⭐️ RSVP to the next FREE SmartSuite training:

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