How to Manage Capacity in SmartSuite for Project Management

Struggling to manage capacity or your task workload in SmartSuite? Let’s build out a solution together as we create a simple and beginner-friendly structure based on a SmartSuite Solution template! During this stream, we’ll be reviewing how we measure capacity and then baking that into our project management features inside of SmartSuite itself.

Whether you want to learn how to use SmartSuite as a solopreneur (thanks to their generous free plan!) or want to use SmartSuite for your small team…we’re excited to dig in!

Note: Before you follow this tutorial, make sure you have a free SmartSuite account with our affiliate link and have followed our Part 1 tutorial for getting started.

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​📌 3 Ways to Manage Client Projects in SmartSuite (Agency, Virtual Assistant, and Contractor Examples)

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Here’s what we’ll cover:
00:00 Have questions? Drop them in the Chat!
03:13 Welcome to the LIVE side!
03:54 Pro Tip: Save 10% on SmartSuite!
05:45 Build our SmartSuite Structure (Task Manager Template)
21:45 Wait…What IS Capacity?
32:09 Forecast Capacity with a Dashboard
01:10:07 Stay Tuned: CRM & Deep-Dive on Dashboards next week!


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