How to Build a CRM to Manage Prospects & Client Contracts in SmartSuite

Managing prospects, client contracts, and sales, in general, can be tricky…that’s why it’s valuable to build a CRM in SmartSuite to keep it all organized! During this live SmartSuite demo, Layla at ProcessDriven will be guiding you through the process of how to build a CRM in SmartSuite.

While our example will focus on a service business managing client contracts using SmartSuite Forms, you can also easily apply this to any business model or service structure thanks to the flexibility of SmartSuite’s design.

Note: Before you follow this tutorial, make sure you have a free SmartSuite account with our affiliate link: and have followed our “Part 1” tutorial and “Part 2” tutorial. This is the third video in this series!

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Layla is the Creator and CEO at ProcessDriven, where she helps small teams turn chaos into process inside our signature training programs. Since 2018, Layla has been combining software, operations, and storytelling to guide 1,200+ teams to “Enjoy the Process!” while building a scalable foundation of business systems. The rest of the time? She's focused on creating value over on our YouTube Channel and free Facebook Group.