Create a Client Vault using Dashboards in ClickUp | Advanced ClickUp Experiments

Curious of some creative ways to use the Dashboard feature in ClickUp? How about a Content Vault?

In this video I’ll give you a tour of a Dashboard I built for my clients (still under construction…but still!) that includes templates, scripts, resources, and a welcome banner. I hope this will provide a bit of inspiration in how you can be more playful with Dashboards, using them for anything from Client Portals to the (more traditional) Scoreboards!

1:20 Using a dashboard as a membership homepage

2:10 Overview of my client vault in ClickUp

6:23 Hear other ways that I use the dashboards for

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Layla is the Creator and CEO at ProcessDriven, where she helps small teams turn chaos into process inside our signature training programs. Since 2018, Layla has been combining software, operations, and storytelling to guide 1,200+ teams to “Enjoy the Process!” while building a scalable foundation of business systems. The rest of the time? She's focused on creating value over on our YouTube Channel and free Facebook Group.