How to Template Tasks in ClickUp | Use Automations to Standardize Your Process

Want to scale your organization without constantly reinventing the wheel? Step one is getting processes and procedures out of your head. From there…where do you put them?

In my opinion, ClickUp (here’s my affiliate link: is fantastic tool — even in its free plan — to act as your process and task management hub.

3:52 You can save templates at the Task level and customize what you’d like to have as part of the templates.

5:12 Demo of how to load a Template (aka your process!) on an existing ClickUp task

5:50 When you load a Template, you can choose (again) which attributes you’d like to inherit.

6:33 Plus you can start supercharging these features by using the new Automation (beta) features in ClickUp.

8:15 Mini rant about why this is such a game-changer for building living processes in your growing (or scaling) business.

8:50 You can load Templates in an existing task, via automations, or when creating a New Task.

9:51 Don’t forget, you can create templates at various levels for all kinds of processes.

10:20 Changing or updating Task Templates in ClickUp can only be done by overriding (saving over) your existing Template. It doesn’t update other active instances, either.

11:25 You can create templates at multiple levels in ClickUp.

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