How to Document Business Systems

If you’re learning how to document business systems and processes — especially as a small team — avoid outdated process documentation advice! Check out our free operations audit by ProcessDriven.

Old school advice recommends you create elaborate process maps and then spend hours writing in-depth work instructions… all for process documentation that no one actually uses. It leaves teams wondering, “Isn’t there a faster way to document business systems? 🐢

Whether you’re wondering how to write a SOP (standard operating procedure) or how to create documentation for process automation, this LIVE has got you covered. I’ll be covering an efficient 5-step approach for how to document business systems that produce high-quality documentation in minutes, not hours. 🐇

Here is a quick run down of what we go through during this weeks video.
06:35 How do you build a business process?
09:20 How do we identify the need to write a business process?
14:48 How do I identify a need verses completing the need now?
16:34 How can I document my process?
18:45 What types of documentation equipment are out there?
23:10 How can I start drafting my documentation equipment?
28:00 Why should I spend time on documenting processes?
30:37 How do I make documentation accessible?
32:56 How can I keep my documentation simple?
38:00 How do I start referencing my processes?
42:59 Why should I have someone else test my process?
46:19 Why should we repeat step one?

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