How do I get the most out of the ClickUp Time Tracker?

In this video I’ll cover my two favorite tips for how to make time tracking in ClickUp just *that much* easier.

NEWBIE? If you haven’t started using time tracking yet, you may want to check out my “Part 1” video first.

So… you’re past the point of wondering, “Does ClickUp have time tracking?” and you’re ready to start using ClickUp’s native time tracker to the fullest.

Well, in this video I’ll talk about two simple changes — human ones, no tech needed! — that will make it easier for you to track time using ClickUp’s Chrome extension or the new built-in time tracking features.

Skip right to what matters to you:

0:54 Code Names

2:27 General Time Tracking

5:00 Why should we all Track Time?

6:31 What your team needs to Time Track

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