Why does my GSuite Profile Pic sometimes shows up on YouTube?

We interrupt our normal topics, schedule, and just about EVERYTHING to bring you the fix for a problem that’s been plaguing me for way too long…and yes, I literally filmed it 45 minutes ago.

The problem: I have a paid business Google account (aka GSuite or Google Suite) which I had used to create a YouTube account. No matter what I did, my Google profile picture showed up in my YouTube profile — sometimes — but did not appear when I commented anywhere.

Solutions I tried: – Waiting until YouTube “caught up” — after 6 months, I ruled out this option. – Manually setting and resetting my profile picture from admin.google.com…nothing. – Searching YouTube for what seemed like forever…no luck.

…nothing worked!

Here’s what DID solve this problem and have my profile picture ACTUALLY SHOW UP on YouTube:

1. I found these instructions: https://support.google.com/a/answer/7326921?hl=en

2. I went to admin.google.com and I gave Users (that meant me) the ability to change their own photos.

3. I refreshed. It worked. THAT’S IT. *mind blown*

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