How do you share a link using Cognito Forms?

You’ve made yourself an awesome Cognito Form so you can collect information from clients, team members, or friends online. But now…how do you share it with them to actually — ya know — collect the information?

This video will give you the run-down and it’s designed for absolute beginners.

— Play with the Value of Your Time Calculator I reference (it’s free) at:

–Try Cognito Forms by using this affiliate link:

In this video I’ll show you:

0:29 Option #1 to find the “Form Link” for your Cognito Form

1:17 Option #2 to find the “Form Link” for your Cognito Form

2:09 Option #3 to actually embed the Form in your website.

3:09 …Plus a bit of an example of what embedding looks like by visiting my own website.

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