The Only ClickUp Templates Tutorial You’ll Ever Need (Really)

Say goodbye to redundant tasks and wasted time as we guide you through creating, updating, and deleting templates in ClickUp, and more. Consider this your free pass to a masterclass – a little gift from us, to you.


00:00 Live begins!
14:48 Let’s get started mastering ClickUp templates
16:57 What are we covering in today’s agenda?
20:20 How do I create ClickUp templates?
30:26 How do I edit ClickUp templates?
33:58 How do I delete ClickUp templates?
36:09 What is the “share” button inside the template center/manager?
37:29 Can I template a ClickUp dashboard?
38:28 How do I apply a ClickUp template?
46:15 What elements can I save in a task template?
47:11 How can I apply ClickUp templates through Automations & Forms?
56:02 Why should I use templates in ClickUp?
56:40 What’s the difference between reoccurring and recurring work?
58:21 Can I save money by using a ClickUp template?
1:03:18 Advanced ClickUp template tricks!
1:03:40 Can I stack ClickUp templates?
1:09:45 How can I remap a ClickUp template?
1:13:45 Can I save a “View” template in ClickUp?
1:18:53 What are some automation hacks in ClickUp?
1:20:54 Systems vs. Software
1:23:10 ClickUp template questions answered

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