How much does ClickUp cost? [+ FREE ClickUp Cost Calculator]

Wondering how much ClickUp costs? Which ClickUp access level to give? How to save money using ClickUp? We’ve built a free ClickUp Cost Calculator just for you! ??

In this video, ClickUp Consultant Layla at ProcessDriven will walk through the two major factors that determine the price of ClickUp AND show you how our FREE ClickUp Cost Calculator can help you save money on your ClickUp costs by exploring whether each user should be a Member or a Guest.

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ClickUp Costs and Plan Comparison

There are 2 main variables that contribute to your ClickUp cost: Features and Users.

The features are determined by which plan you choose. There are currently 4 ClickUp Plans available:

  • Free
  • Unlimited
  • Business
  • Enterprise

The features variable is pretty straightforward. Either you need the features offered by each plan or you don’t. (Layla and Team ProcessDriven will be releasing a video comparing each of the features offered in each plan on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!)

Today we’re going to touch on the other half of what determines which ClickUp plan is best for your team, which are the Users. ?

Layla expands on this starting at 00:39.

ClickUp Members vs. Guests vs. View-Only

For some reason, this tends to trip people up a bit more than just figuring out which features they need. ?

To clarify, the number of seats in ClickUp refers to people with a specific level of access.

There are 3 different types of users in ClickUp:

  • Members: can be owners of the account, admins, or just members. They have access to pretty much everything and any feature that your specific plan allows access to.
  • Guests: can do more than observe, but have limited access to features such as Clip, or editing Spaces.
    • If you’re looking for a deeper dive into what the Guest experience is like in ClickUp, check out this post where Layla explains ClickUp for Guests.
  • View-Only Guests: can…well…view-only, and cannot edit or comment.
    • Tip: If you’re giving someone view-only access, it might be more beneficial to just create a public view, meaning you share a link with them, rather than having them log in to your ClickUp account.

Layla explains these further starting at 01:15.

How to Make the Most of Your ClickUp Plan (Using our FREE ClickUp Cost Calculator)

Each plan requires one Owner seat, and with each additional Member seat, you get additional Guest seats. 1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣

While features are a big part of deciding which plan is right for you, there are ways to make the most of the plan you choose by utilizing the number of Guest Seats available per Member in your account.

We’ll admit, the math can get a little.. funky. That’s why Layla has created this FREE calculator to help you decide which plan, and which level of access is right for you and your team. It’s an unofficial tool that we use to keep track of all the different pricing and plans, and we’d like to think of it as super helpful in helping teams make the most of their ClickUp plan. ?

One of the best things you can do as an Admin of your Workspace, is to cut back on permissions and access. This not only lowers your cost per year using ClickUp, but also simplifies your ClickUp experience across the board! (Check out this video on 5 Easy Ways to Simplify ClickUp for more ways you can declutter and cut back on permissions and access inside your ClickUp account.)

Now, let’s break this down a little more with some examples:

Let’s say you have a team of 3 people – an owner, a social media manager, and a business coach.

If each of the 3 people on your team were Members, you’d be paying $324/year and would be leaving 20 Guest seats unused (assuming you were on the Business Plan and paying annually).

However, if 2 of those team members were given Guest access rather than Member access, you would cut your total ClickUp cost down to $108, and would still leave you with 8 Guest seats for future use.

Check out the Video starting at 03:50 for more explanation on working with a 3 person team.

Now, let’s say you have a team of 10 people – an owner, an integrator, and 8 workers.

If each of those 10 team members were given Member access, you’d be paying $1,080/year and would be leaving 55 Guest seats unused (again, assuming that you’re on the Business Plan and paying annually).

This isn’t terrible, and if each of those 10 people on your team needs Member access – meaning their building structures and need all available features inside your Workspace – then yes, give them Member access.

However, it could be safe to assume a few, if not all, of the 8 workers probably don’t need full Member access. They’re more than likely just signing in, completing their assigned tasks, and signing out.

If that’s the case for your team, you could potentially move all 8 of the workers on your team to Guest access, rather than Member access, and be paying $218/year, and still be leaving 7 Guest seats available for future use. That’s a substantial difference!

Start watching this video at 04:56 for a deeper dive into a 10 person team example.

So, what about a larger team? Say, a team of 30 people – an owner, 4 managers, and 25 workers?

If each of those 30 team members were given Member access, you’d be paying $3,240/year and would be leaving 155 Guest seats unused. That’s quite the investment, but could be worth it if all 30 people on that team are actually going to be using Member features.

However, they’re probably not all going to need access to those features. By moving all of 25 workers to Guest access rather than Member access, we could bring your ClickUp cost down to $540/year and still leave 5 unused Guest seats available for future use. Are you seeing a theme here? That’s quite the difference!

You can get more details on this 30 person team example by watching at 06:14.

Now, what if you are a team of 2 people – 2 owners, and 50 clients?

If both business owners and all 50 clients had Member access, you’d be paying $5,616/year and would be leaving 265 Guest seats unused. For a team of two, that’s quite the investment. ?

However, by making some clients Members, and leaving some as Guests (or even as View-Only Guests) you could potentially bring your ClickUp cost down to between $864-$972/year and still leave 45-50 Guest seats available for future clients.

  • Pro Tip: there is an unofficial policy around Guest seats in ClickUp. You can add the number of Guest seats available without changing the number of Members in your account by contacting ClickUp directly and buying Guest seats as an add-on!

With this particular example, View-Only Guests might also be ideal. View-Only users are always free and are perfect for situations like this, where you want clients to be able to observe progress or activity, but they don’t need the ability to edit or comment. ?

Layla expands on how to make the most of your plan if you’re a 2 person team with clients, starting at 07:32.

Now, of course, your situation is not going to be identical to these examples! If you’re choosing a different plan or different payment interval – the math here is going to vary. ?

No matter what your team size, what plan you choose, how many Members or Guests you need or don’t need – head over to our FREE ClickUp Cost Calculator to find out which plan would work best for you. ?

Until next time, enjoy the process! ?

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