Use Cases for ClickUp Automation (Beta) | April 2020 Example Business Cases

Whelp, it’s here! After substantial hype, ClickUp’s long-awaited automation function was released over this past weekend. The simplified Zapier-like functionality comes with tons of pre- made templates…yet, they still feel vague.

So if you’re wondering, “How do I use ClickUp automations?” or “What’s a good use case for ClickUp automations?” this is your video! I’ll be talking through 10 specific examples to get your gears grinding.

Use Case:

[2:34] Let’s imagine your business has different “owners” for different statuses, like social media creation. Reassign tasks based on status.

[5:20] Have the task template update based on where you are in the project status. When in “Editing” status, have the “Editing Template” load.

[6:24] Automatically progress to the next status based on Subtask completion. No more forgetting to move it along!

[7:48] Have Subtasks automatically complete based on Checklist completion.

[8:03] When you’ve reached the final status of a List (like “Scheduled” or “Order Received”) more that task to another list.

[8:52] If you’re running an eCommerce business with lists called “Orders” “Production” and “Invoicing,” you can connect statuses between lists to build a chain of statuses. [

10:05] Need to jump in when your team is running behind on schedule? Create urgency when a task is due today but not complete.

[11:03] Plus, assign yourself to help out on tasks that are almost late.

[11:45] Create YouTube videos? Setup an automation to apply a Task Template every time a task is created in a given list.

[12:47] Have a set process for your productized service? Have the Task Template created automatically.

[13:42] Have a simple personal to do list and don’t want a big log of complete tasks cluttering your workspace? Automatically archive them.

[14:57] “Conditions” are AND statements that narrow the Trigger.

[15:15] Do you use tags to keep track of what Billable Hours to invoice? You can automate that tagging based on a Status or Date.

[17:27] Do you use tags for a “grab bag” of tasks that people can claim? Automate that, too! This can be a good fit for Support or VA teams.

[18:52] This isn’t an exhaustive list, friends. Get your gears turning and share your ideas below!

Try ClickUp today! Here’s my affiliate link:

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