ClickUp Table of Contents Feature | Format Docs using Slash Commands

ClickUp has introduced a new / (“Slash”) Command in Docs.

When you type /tc in a ClickUp Docs, you can automatically organize your header into a hyperlinked Table of Contents like you’d expect in Microsoft Word.

0:09 Yup, ClickUp has Docs that’s like Dropbox Paper or Google Docs.

0:32 Slash Commands are your new best friend. Here’s how to use them.

0:56 Here’s how to use the Table of Contents Slash Command in ClickUp!

1:23 I’m starting to use Table of Contents be able to organize my email templates in my Client Vault.

1:45 Table of Contents is determined by the Header attribute you have assigned — not by what’s bold or highlighted.

2:37 Heads up — no page numbers in ClickUp Docs (right now) but there is a Word Count.

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