Tracking IDEAS vs TASKS in ClickUp | Behind-the-Scenes Look + Bonus Tip about using Automations

Find yourself easily distracted by starting projects….and not finishing them?

In this video I take you behind the scenes in my OWN business to talk about the super-simple division I use to separate my Ideas and brainstorming from the work I need to focus on right now.

In this video, I use the example of a Content Production process for this very YouTube Channel, but you can apply this to any area of your business where you’re keeping track of ideas.

0:55 The statuses I use for content creation.

1:10 How I filter statuses to remove the “Idea” status.

1:21 Tip: I love to use “Idea” as your first Status type.

2:05 How I filter statuses to create an “Ideas” pinned View.

4:00 BONUS: Here’s an example of how to use ClickUp automations and templates to push things even further.

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Layla is a Vetted ClickUp Consultant who helps growing teams define their business workflows and translate them into a business instruction manual inside ClickUp. She spends most of her days teaching ClickUp, creating content, and providing unlimited feedback within the ProcessDriven Membership. The rest of the time? She's focused on creating value over on her YouTube Channel and free Facebook Group.