Tracking IDEAS vs TASKS in ClickUp | Behind-the-Scenes Look + Bonus Tip about using Automations

Find yourself easily distracted by starting projects….and not finishing them?

In this video I take you behind the scenes in my OWN business to talk about the super-simple division I use to separate my Ideas and brainstorming from the work I need to focus on right now.

In this video, I use the example of a Content Production process for this very YouTube Channel, but you can apply this to any area of your business where you’re keeping track of ideas.

0:55 The statuses I use for content creation.

1:10 How I filter statuses to remove the “Idea” status.

1:21 Tip: I love to use “Idea” as your first Status type.

2:05 How I filter statuses to create an “Ideas” pinned View.

4:00 BONUS: Here’s an example of how to use ClickUp automations and templates to push things even further.

Try ClickUp today! Here’s my affiliate link:

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