Subtasks vs. Checklists vs. Descriptions | Beginner ClickUp tutorial to make SOPs and templates

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In this ClickUp tutorial, I'll cover the differences between subtasks and checklists (and task descriptions with the checklist slash command/bullet). Whether you're a beginner using ClickUp as a to-do list…

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EXPLAINED: ClickUp Dependencies | Tutorial

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How (and why) would someone use ClickUp Task Dependencies to organize their work? Let’s talk through it!

In this “Feature Friday” we’ll be covering the What, Why, and How-Do-I-Not-Screw-This-Up details about using the Dependency feature built into ClickUp.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
00:00 – Introduction
0:48 – What are ClickUp Dependencies?
2:52 – Why use Dependencies?
5:32 – Pro Tip #1: You can set up two directions at once.
6:29 – ClickUp Gantt View
7:02 – Pro Tip #2: You can set up Dependencies using the MultiTask Toolbar.
7:29 – Pro Tip #3: You can override Dependencies.
8:15 – Pro Tip #4: Use the Dependency ClickApps
8:37 – Pro Tip #5: Dependency Icon looks scarier than it is.
9:12 – Pro Tip #6: All Tasks have a unique URL and ID to help you search.
10:03 – Pro Tip #7: Be careful creating ClickUp Templates with Dependencies.
11:48 – What should we cover next?
12:42 – Check out ClickingUp Community:

Example ClickUp Dashboards | 10 Use Cases

Video Transcript

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ClickUp dependencies, what are they? Why would someone use them and how can you avoid screwing something up in your ClickUp account while you’re trying to use them? That is what we’re going to answer on today’s Feature Friday. Now, before we get into that, let me introduce the talking head on your screen. My name is Layla. And if you’re new around here, welcome on this channel. I cover ClickUp workflows and process documentation in the hopes of helping small teams run a little bit more efficiently using tools like ClickUp.

I’m also the founder of Clicking Up Community, the newest kind of offer we have around helping people, Master ClickUp, without having to watch hundreds and thousands of minutes of YouTube content. So if you’re interested in that definitely check out the description below. So back to the video at hand here. We’re going to be answering three questions today. What are ClickUp dependencies? Why would anyone use them and how can you avoid screwing things up when you are using them?

So first things first. What are ClickUp dependencies? ClickUp dependencies are a type of relationship that you can put between tasks or subtasks or any mix thereof. In ClickUp, there are three types of dependencies in ClickUp waiting on blocking and linked. So waiting on is exactly what it sounds like. This task is waiting on another task or subtask blocking, as you might imagine, is the inverse meeting. This task is blocking someone doing another task down the line.


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