How do I create a Process from a Process Map or Workflow?

This is a recording of a LIVE event last week in my free Facebook Group (

In this video I’m going another real-life example of how you can map a workflow, document a process, and prepare to delegate (or just make it easier for yourself to do in the future).

The example this week is a super simple (and slightly meta) process of having recurring posts in my Facebook Group happen. I show you the simple workflow and (in real time) create an initial draft of an SOP in ClickUp that would allow me to delegate that task to an assistant (or a pre-coffee self).

This process you can do easily in ClickUp, Wrike, Asana, Google Docs, etc…any tool that allows you to share a process would do!

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08:06 Workflow Mapping

13:14 Creating an SOP in ClickUp for Group Management

19:15 Excuse 50 seconds of silence by accident!

20:05 Subtasks are drafted in ClickUp

Layla is a Vetted ClickUp Consultant who helps growing teams define their business workflows and translate them into a business instruction manual inside ClickUp. She spends most of her days teaching ClickUp, creating content, and providing unlimited feedback within the ProcessDriven Membership. The rest of the time? She's focused on creating value over on her YouTube Channel and free Facebook Group.