How do I create a Process from a Process Map or Workflow?

This is a recording of a LIVE event last week in my free Facebook Group (

In this video I’m going another real-life example of how you can map a workflow, document a process, and prepare to delegate (or just make it easier for yourself to do in the future).

The example this week is a super simple (and slightly meta) process of having recurring posts in my Facebook Group happen. I show you the simple workflow and (in real time) create an initial draft of an SOP in ClickUp that would allow me to delegate that task to an assistant (or a pre-coffee self).

This process you can do easily in ClickUp, Wrike, Asana, Google Docs, etc…any tool that allows you to share a process would do!

P.S. If you haven’t tried ClickUp and want to, I’d love if you share the love and use my affiliate link:

08:06 Workflow Mapping

13:14 Creating an SOP in ClickUp for Group Management

19:15 Excuse 50 seconds of silence by accident!

20:05 Subtasks are drafted in ClickUp

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