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find a board of advisors. save time. discover best practices. source their next hire. share highs and lows. cover their blind spots. make lasting friendships.

Indie Ops Network is ProcessDriven’s exclusive virtual community where the operators behind 6-, 7-, and 8-figure small businesses save time by exchanging resources, expertise and laughs. 

Does this sound familiar?

It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do your daily work and improve what’s not working on your team. 

Rather than preventing team burnout and mistakes, you’re forced to be reactive — fixing process issues only after they’ve caused a big problem. 

Despite that, it’s hard to make operations a priority compared to other areas of work.

You can’t be an expert in every business function so it’s difficult for you to guarantee the return on investment. 🤷‍♀️

You know that other people — vendors, partners, staff — are the key to your organization’s success. 

But searching Google or Upwork for support is so hit-or-miss that you’re better off doing it yourself.

You’ve tried Facebook Groups and forums, but the discussions tend to focus on beginner challenges.

It’s hard to make time to participate when you end up giving more help than you get…

You're stranded on operations island.

You have the ability to transform your team’s workflows, but you don’t have enough time or brainpower to solve every puzzle on your own.

That's why we built Indie Ops Network.

Hi! I’m Layla, the owner of ProcessDriven. We host Indie Ops Network to connect you to other high-level operators. Watch the video below and I’ll dive deeper into how we can help…


We couldn’t make a resource for (and by) operations people without writing out our deliverables, could we? 😉

Every element of Indie Ops is crafted to either save you time or build your network.

Who is Indie Ops built for?

Despite our accessible price, we’re determined to curate a vetted community with the friendliest bunch of operations-minded leaders on the internet. Requirements to join the network include:

Want to see if Indie Ops is right for you? Complete the application and we’ll send you personal feedback. We welcome experienced operators from all industries, departments, sectors, and cultural backgrounds!

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Speaking of who’s in Indie Ops… in order to ensure this network built for tight-knit teams feels tight-knit, we’re currently limiting this experience to 75 members at any given time.

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Current Network

46 / 75

If we’re at capacity, you’re still encouraged to apply — we’ll notify you when a spot opens up. 

Join Indie Ops Network

Apply today to surround yourself with the knowledge, resources, and peers to become a next-level operator.

$2497 / year
$167 / month
Frequently Asked Questions

Network resources are designed to save you time. We’ve purposefully NOT included any course material or required calls you’ll need to attend. 

Instead, Indie Ops is where you can find the people, swipe files, and trusted resources that make your day-to-day ops challenges easier. For example:

  • Need to source a new subcontractor? Use our database to get a fast (and proven) referral.
  • Need a second opinion on a personnel issue? Pop in the lounge for a group discussion in real-time.
  • Want to upgrade your marketing pipeline? Steal the monthly process improvement plan to install it in minutes, not hours. 

…and so much more. Just remember to give as much as you get out of the community to build lasting friendships along the way! 

We’ve gotten asked this a lot lately. 😅

Even though Indie Ops Network™ is limited to just 75 people and combines the best parts of:

  • Small Group Masterminds ( normally $5K – $50K / year )
  • Template & SOP Shops ( normally $100 / resource )
  • Professional Association ( normally $2-8K / year )
  • Coworking Membership ( normally  $2K – $24K / year )

We’ve intentionally chosen to keep this accessible for our founding members so we can build a diverse network filled with the brightest minds – not the biggest wallets. 

This membership is designed to save you time and build your network.

Want some examples of how that’ll work? Let me go through an example.

One week after joining:

  • 🤝 +4 connections made | You’ve met (or been introduced by ProcessDriven’s awesome team) to other Operators who have different strengths than you do. 
  • ⏰ +8 hours saved | You’re looking to hire a new contractor. Rather than spending hours searching, vetting and testing a new freelancer, you go into the Network database and find a referral that another member has used for years and highly recommends. Done! 
  • 🤝 +6 connections made | You joined a quiet Pomodoro coworking session for focused work. You were may more productive than working on your own. At the end, you chatted with the other attendees and met someone from your hometown! 

One month after joining:

  • ⏰ +3 hours saved | You had a virtual coffee chat with another Operator. You hit it off, and, in passing, they’re able to solve automation challenges you’ve been stuck on for weeks. 
  • 🤝 +23 connections made | You nervously attended a speed networking event that you ended up really enjoying. You met many colleagues as well as two folks from your industry!
  • ⏰ +4 hours saved | You completed one monthly Process Improvement Plan. Thanks to the plug-and-play resources included, you were able to completely transform your teams’ email writing process in just 30 minutes!
  • 🤝 +2 connections made | You join a meetup session and learn about a new project management best practice that could save your fulfillment team 6-8 hours every week while making two new friends. 
  • ⏰ +26 hours saved | You really liked the structure Layla at ProcessDriven (aka me!) uses for managing YouTube videos. You log into the Equipment Database and download the ClickUp template. Plus, you steal a copy of the exact Routines and SOPs we rely on – all ready to go! 

Imagine how much could happen if you decided to stay for a full year… 👀

Yes! In fact, a desire to have more quality conversations 1-1 with seasoned operators like you is precisely why I (Layla) created this community to begin with.

In fact, all of Team ProcessDriven coworks inside Indie Ops Network every single day — unless there’s a holiday or we’re out for vacation. 😉

This is a community, not a guru-focused program but I’d love to chat at an upcoming coworking session! 🙏

You can cancel this month-to-month subscription at any time. Though we doubt you’ll want to!  😉 

We are not offering refunds for this experience.

We review applications twice each month. As soon as we review your application, we will send you a personal email with your results.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out at hello@processdriven.co.

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One last thing...