Should I use the personal meeting room or unique links for Zoom meetings?

New to Zoom and trying to figure out if you should use your Personal Meeting Room ID or a unique Zoom Link for your virtual or remote team meetings? Worry no more!

In this video I’ll explain the functional difference between Personal Meeting Room (a “always-the-same” link) and a unique meeting link approach. Disclaimer: I’m on team Personal Meeting Room!

In this video, I’ll explain why I think it’s the “easy way” to use Zoom for your team or remote business operations.

00:00 Introduction to Zoom

1:45 How to Decide if you use a Personal Meeting Room or not for Meetings

7:20 Turn on Personal Meeting Room ID Setting

8:09 Do you need a Personal Meeting Room password?

8:23 Turn on Waiting Room Setting

8:31 How to customize your Waiting Room

Learn more directly from Zoom on how to adjust your settings at:

Personal Meeting Room:

Waiting Room: Join Zoom today:

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