Live | FAQs about ClickUp for Personal Use

Looking to use ClickUp for personal use, personal tasks, or general life management? I’m here to help!

Throughout this month we’ve been releasing content all about personal productivity and life organization using ClickUp…and I wanted to take some time to pull some of the most common “How to use ClickUp to…?” questions here to help YOU get unstuck as you build out the ClickUp structure you need.

Here we will cover:

00:00 – Introduction

4:37 – How can I store, organize and access reference information in a Doc (wiki-style)?

8:49 – How can I create a many-entries-per-day digital journal in ClickUp?

24:41 – How can I create a one-entry-per-day journal in ClickUp?

26:37 – How can I use Notion AND ClickUp for personal use?

32:05 – How can I create a write-when-I-feel-like-it digital journal in ClickUp

33:12 – How can I create my daily routine in ClickUp?

35:43 – How can create a daily planner in ClickUp?

37:58 – How can I manage cumulative goals in ClickUp?

43:33 – Bonus: Adding a Google Doc into ClickUp.

46:05 – How can I create a personal knowledge base (Notion-style) in ClickUp?

52:00 – Bonus Q: Are you able to embed Docs in task descriptions and organize the docs through the task organization tree?

53:10 – Bonus: My opinion on the difference between Todoist’s folders and ClickUp’s Folder Structure.

55:03 – How can I create a Vision Board inside Clickup?

1:01:37 – How to scan documents/letters straight into ClickUp.

1:02:00 – How can I track life and chores in ClickUp?

1:05:38 – Can I set up a personal budget in ClickUp?

1:07:02 – How can I set up classes for kids who are in remote school?

1:12:34 – Should “Personal” be a Space, Folder, List or whole separate Workspace?

1:14:40 – Can I exclude personal tasks from my inbox?

1:16:57 – Can I survive on the free plan with limited storage?

1:19:24 – Is my personal Google Calendar showing up to everyone in my Workspace? 1:20:25 – Can I turn off all the team features?

1:22:23 – What could I potentially build into ClickUp? I need some inspiration!

1:28:15 – Bonus: You mean free YouTube videos aren’t enough income to run a business..!?

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