Automation in ClickUp (Beta) | NEW Feature Overview April 2020

YES! The incredible ClickUp team has released the long-awaited automation features. In this video, I’ll give you a tour of what’s new.

Not able to find automations? Here’s a video explaining where to look:

This video covers:

1:08 Where to find ClickUp automation

2:33 Manage your Automations (beta)

4:10 ClickUp uses When/Then framework for Triggers and Actions.

5:15 Conditions narrow a trigger using “AND” statements.

7:29 One automation can trigger up to three actions.

8:18 Automations are currently only at the List level. 8:44 Written Automation Summary is listed below.

9:23 Toggle automations on or off in the Manage tab.

9:56 Shortcuts are a type of automation.

10:36 There is a usage limit for automations.

Note: In my excitement to get some updates to all of you, I’m afraid I hit a bug with my audio recording. Apologies for the tinny-sound in this clip!

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