My ClickUp course just got a HUGE makeover…

A ClickUp course that updates about as often as ClickUp does? YES PLEASE!

The ProcessDriven Membership recently got a fabulous makeover!

Introduction – The latest updates to our ClickUp Course

If you haven’t heard, ProcessDriven just released something really freaking cool back in December 2021. We have released a brand spanking new platform for all of our clients!

You may not know this, but we actually have two different services in ProcessDriven besides just free content. (Unfortunately, free content does not pay the bills.)

We have a Membership, which is designed for Admins of Workspaces, who have a general idea of ClickUp features and how to use them but are looking for a deeper dive into how to really use the platform to their advantage.

And then we have the How to ClickUp course which is a mini-course developed to help beginner ClickUp users learn the basic features in ClickUp in just one day.

Until recently, those members who gave us happy comments like these:

…were working inside a platform and learning inside a platform that looked like this:


Given the nature of this channel, I truly believe that substance is more important than style. But when the style looks the way our old platform looked, well, it starts to eat into the substance.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working a lot of time into building out a brand new learning platform for our members.

The hope was not just to give an aesthetic upgrade – although we definitely wanted to do that – but also to extend the functionality of what our ClickUp course and learning structures can really do.

Things like built-in glossaries, member directories, private messaging, forums, interactive content that changes based on your interest or what you’re following.

This kind of stuff just wasn’t possible on our platform before.

So, in this new platform, besides just giving an aesthetic upgrade to the whole lot, we have increased a bunch of features to help our members, to help our students get results – which is ultimately what we are here to do. 

Unlike our YouTube content, where you’re just kind of watching at your own pace, we’re here to help you get to the results you want inside both the Membership and our ClickUp course. That’s the whole point of our business: to help you get results.

Whether that result is learning ClickUp – which is what How to ClickUp is all about – or systemizing your business from soup to nuts, with a foundational process built inside ClickUp – which is what ProcessDriven Membership does.

Whatever your goal is, we want to help you get there.

So, even though so many things went into this new platform, I want to highlight just three significant features that I think are pretty freaking cool. (And might help you on your own learning journey if you decide to join us on the inside).

clickup Course Feature #1: Search every piece of ProcessDriven content (paid and free!) with one single keyword

Feature number one is an expansion of a feature we did have in the old platform, which is universal search. Except in this new platform, we took search, and we ramped it up many, many notches.

Inside the platform, there is one centralized search bar. When you type into the search bar, say “Dashboards,” you see everything we have ever done related to Dashboards.

Want to learn more about ClickUp Dashboards? Check out this intro to the ClickUp Dashboards blog here.

Now that sounds like something small, right? “Search.” That’s pretty normal. 

Except we’ve taken it a step further. 

Not only is our “Search” searching our website and the course content, but it also searches all of our public content. Every video we’ve ever done has been turned into a blog post and stuffed inside the search algorithm. So, you’ll be able to query all of our YouTube content without ever having to leave the platform.

So, with the all-in-one search bar, you’re going to be able to find content, conversations, community forums, resources, videos in one place.

Did I mention the fact that we are now up to 500 private Q&A questions? (That are not covered on YouTube that we’ve answered inside the Process Driven Membership at this point. (And we answer five new ones every week at least.)

Exciting stuff, right?

If you ever have a question about ClickUp and you’re like, “Man, why doesn’t Google give me good search results?”

Well, you have to come to the private version of Google, where we have a ton of curated, quality-controlled content. (Because not all Google results are created equal.)

Course Feature #2: A “Hover” Glossary to immediately explain any jargon you don’t understand, without ever leaving the platform

All that search and glossary talk brings me to feature number two that I want to highlight about the new membership: our glossary.

It’s searchable by “Search,” but we’ve also built this glossary to allow you to find the definitions of key terms/confusing jargon directly in the text of the course itself.

Now, when you’re new to ClickUp, and you’re trying to figure out, “What’s a Workspace?,” rather than having to open several new tabs to go down that Google rabbit hole, we have built-in definitions built directly into our ClickUp course and platform.

Want a sneak-peek into a ProcessDriven Member’s ClickUp Workspace? Check out this ClickUp Workspace tour here.

You can hover over a concept and see a brief definition right there in the text. And if you want more information? Cool.

We’ve got a whole glossary page built out to give you more context about these key terms. I should say we are making this glossary in concert with our members. When members get stuck on a term or ask what something means, that’s what will determine what goes in the glossary.

So as always, we’re building it around you.

Course Feature #3: A Focused Forum that incorporates a community element, keeps our team present when you need us, and out of your way when you don’t.

The last feature of the membership that I want to highlight for all of you is the Forum.

Like many of you, I’d always been skeptical of courses. But when I was getting started, I was just really suspicious of courses. I didn’t like the idea that I would go in, get a bunch of information, and who knows if it would even make sense to me?

That’s why both of the offerings we have right now (and any future offerings) incorporate a community element. whether it’s a topic-by-topic discussion or an open, collaborative forum like we have in the membership with our Monthly Masterminds and other group meetups.

I think it’s really important that you can post when you have a question, and you know you will get answers. When you’re stuck and need a second opinion, it is absolutely invaluable to have somebody else weigh in and say,

“You know what? I think that is a good idea.”

That brings me to the last feature of the new Membership that I want to highlight here: the forums.

We have shifted dramatically from a Slack-based community with our revamp into a Forum-based community. We’re doing this because I do not want to build a learning environment filled with the distractions, and Privacy issues of Facebook.

We do not have a Facebook Group for our members, and we never will.

For a long time, we did have a Slack community as the hub of our community. However, much like with Facebook, Slack has its own concerns: its limitations around security, and honestly, Slack becomes a very distracting environment, especially when team members use Slack for their day-to-day work.

That flipping back and forth is constantly a distraction with blinking notifications.

In this new platform, we use a bit of a retro form layout which allows you to post comments for discussions, support, introductions, and reply to one another to get your questions answered. You can subscribe to entire topics and individual threads and get email notifications to stay in the loop.

The best part? You don’t have to learn another social media platform or fight another distraction to get the work done.

The Bottom Line

When you’re ready to get help, we’re here. When you’re focused on other work, we’re out of your way. 

Promoting that kind of monotasking was an important goal for us, and it’s something we have done in this new platform.

Now, let’s be honest, this platform is still not perfect. We aren’t yet able to do some pretty cool things in the pipeline.

They’re coming down the road, but we’re really excited about the progress we’ve been able to make. We were able to get the platform out of the way and really let people focus on the learning and the results they want to get.

We’d love to show you more of this platform, but I think we’re going to keep that for onboarding when new members jump inside. (😉)

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence and you’ve been thinking,

“Should I join the membership? I hear Layla’s talking about a price increase soon. Should I jump in before that happens? So I’m grandfathered in?”

If you want to join us inside the membership, just head over here.

You can check out our website and join us on the inside so you can join the conversation, the events, the comments, and of course, the core learning modules.

I hope to see you there soon.

Enjoy the process!

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