How do I invite guests into ClickUp?

How do you invite someone to work with you in your ClickUp space without making them a full (paid) Member? Use Guests!

Guest access can be the perfect level for Clients, Virtual Assistants, or Subcontractors that shouldn’t (or don’t need to) see all the nuances of your full ClickUp workspace.

Pro Tip: If you’re new to inviting guests, definitely start out by inviting YOURSELF (at a secondary email address) to your Workspace, first. This way, you know exactly what your guest experience will be like. It’s a little different than what a Member would see.

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0:30 Invite Guests

2:24 Common Mistakes

3:32 Guests can’t be added at the space level

You can also learn more straight from the source in ClickUp’s help docs:

Roles Explanation: Advanced Questions:

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