How do I convert Asana Sections into the ClickUp Hierarchy? | ClickUp vs. Asana

So you’ve seen the debate of ClickUp versus Asana – and you’ve decided to make the switch. Maybe you’ve even imported your Asana data into ClickUp…but something’s not quite adding up.

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In this long-form video (here’s to trying a new content length! ?) I’m going through the two most common ways I see Asana users bring their data into ClickUp…and how we can reconfigure these structures — JUST A BIT — to be more ClickUp friendly.

This is a long one, so feel free to jump to what matters:

01:28 Why I switched from Asana to ClickUp for my business

03:14 Asana Basic Terms + Structure Recap

05:54 Method #1 – How Asana “converts” set up ClickUp accounts and how to fix it.

06:09 Asana Section vs ClickUp Status

08:28 Asana user can create sections with Drop downs

11:47 Asana user can create sections with Labels

14:46 Method #2 – How people switching from Asana set up ClickUp accounts and how to fix it

21:40 Why do we need to take the time to consolidate?

24:37 Sidenote: Drawback to drop down system

25:00 Custom Date Fields

27:50 Hashtags and other non-task tasks in Asana…what are they in ClickUp?

28:53 Asana Views vs ClickUp Task and Page Views

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