ClickUp Consulting with Layla at ProcessDriven

What you’re watching in this video is just a few excerpts of the conversations from our previous Rapid Review calls with ProcessDriven CEO and ClickUp expert, Layla.

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Key Moments

In this video we’ll cover:

  • 00:00 Preshow – If watching the replay, skip ahead!
  • 04:47 – Welcome to Live ClickUp Consulting
  • 08:55 – Should you create a large complex hierarchy inside ClickUp?
  • 10:10 – How do you manage checks and balances inside a process?
  • 26:32 – How can you use ClickUp for marketing strategies?
  • 29:39 – What is the best way to organize my area in ClickUp?
  • 33:34 – Where should I build my area in ClickUp?
  • 37:58 – How do you manage your inbox in ClickUp?
  • 53:40 – Is there a best practice to build PKM in ClickUp?
  • 55:50 – How can I use ClickUp without using subtasks?
  • 01:02:07 – When should I use a subtask vs. a task in ClickUp?
  • 01:15:59 – Should I have ClickUp as my single source of truth?
  • 01:19:47 – Should I use ClickUp documents?
  • 01:24:09 – How can I get my team to work together in ClickUp?


What is ProcessDriven Foundations™?

If you’re ready to build a powerful ClickUp account, you’ll need to learn how to use ClickUp AND define your business processes. So, why not learn ClickUp and process-building while setting up your account?

That’s the radical belief guiding our program, ProcessDriven Foundations™.

Through a signature course, community, templates, resources, and live coaching (like you see here!), we build up your in-house “ClickUp consulting” superpowers. Unlike an expensive ClickUp consultant, you’ll need to hire for setup (and re-hire every month when your processes change), working with ProcessDriven is an investment in skills that stay with you long after an engagement ends.

Please note: This event is not officially affiliated with or supported by ClickUp (the company). This event is self-funded by the clients, and work is done by the small team at ProcessDriven. 💛  
We’re ClickUp power users who, in turn, have trained thousands of teams to build their processes inside the tool. The opinions and feedback shared in this presentation are just our personal opinions as imperfect humans. If you’d like to see ClickUp support content like this in the future so we can host events like this more often, be sure to let them know directly. 😉
Until next time, enjoy the process! 


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