How do I build processes for new services?

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How can we use workflows to clarify a new offer? Well, let’s find out.

Live on this call I’m going to demo how I approach “mapping the unknown” with four simple steps.

I’ve used it personally for finally documenting my home organization (a ClickUp area I now lovingly refer to as my “How to Adult” tasks), launching new services (more on this soon…!), and figuring out the hiring process (hint hint).

Skip right to what matters to you:

3:42 Map, Prep, Try!

5:19 Step 1 to Mapping: What’s the Point?

10:35 Step 2 to Mapping: Fresh Eyes Approach

16:08 Step 3 to Mapping: “Stealing”

10:21 Step 4 to Mapping: Zhuzh

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