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You know ClickUp can help your team.

You’re sick of being scrattered across dozens of incomplete tools to manage your team’s operations.

You know ClickUp could become the “HQ” of your entire business… but you aren’t sure exactly how to bring that vision to live.

You’ve watched videos on YouTube, tried some templates, and lost days to exploring shiny new features…but you’re tired of learning ClickUp through trial and error.


You know you’re not the only one struggling with building a powerful ClickUp setup, so you start exploring ClickUp services and templates…

You don’t want to outsource only to get a quick fix that will temporarily treats the symptoms. You want to build a powerful HQ in ClickUp created by and for your team’s unique workflows. You can’t outsource the learning or self-reflection required to bring that vision to life.

That's why we created

We’ve used our experience helping 1000s of businesses setup their ClickUp into the ultimate resource for ClickUp users to turn business chaos into business processes.

ProcessDriven Membership will help you to:

Feel fully in control of your business so you can hire, scale, or sell your business with ease.

Reduce the wasted time of ClickUp trial-and-error by following a proven roadmap.

Create a centralized, efficient, hub of your entire business that pays for itself.

Receive personal support from an international community of process-centric leaders just like you.

Feel confident in your ability to systemize any workflow for yourself or your clients.

Navigate every one of ClickUp's weekly updates with more clarity and less stress.


what members tell us:

What a true delight for me to have people who can really understand my thoughts and questions about all this!


The feedback I get for my specific scenarios is invaluable.


The course/community helps you figure out the "why" behind the [ClickUp] structure in a more thought-out way that you can't find on YouTube.


What's included:

plus all members unlock

🔴 Live Weekly Review of updates and Q&A

Every week you'll be invited to our live Weekly Review to answer your questions and recap ClickUp updates from the past week.

Your questions in the community determine exactly what we talk about. Join live or watch the replay!

clickup course

Step-by-Step course to define processes and setup ClickUp

You'll unlock action-oriented lessons that provide a step-by-step approach to create and document processes in ClickUp. Zero fluff + unlimited opportunities to ask questions. You'll also be guided through exactly how to structure your ClickUp around your unique processes as efficiently as possible.

Checklists & Decision Trees to breakdown setup logic

We've reverse-engineered the logic behind the most common (and confusing) setup decisions through easy-to-use decision flow charts.

These resources are regularly expanded to answer confusing questions like, "Should this project be a List or a Task in ClickUp?" or "Should my assistant be a Member or a Guest?"​

clickup question

Unlimited Feedback & Reviews through our private forum

Share videos, clips, and roadblocks in our private community to get feedback on your ClickUp structure or processes from Layla (our Vetted ClickUp Consultant) and your peers.

Workshops, Masterminds, and Member Only Events

Your processes (and your ClickUp) require maintenance and troubleshooting. Each month, we'll gather virtually to share the highs, lows, and challenges of scaling with ClickUp in our Community Mastermind session.


Not all Google results are created equal! When you do have a question you’ll have access to our extensive collection of every single question we’ve ever answered inside Weekly Reviews (485+ questions and counting), every YouTube video we’ve ever made, and every single piece of content in the course.

Hundreds of answers are all searchable through transcripts and annotations. (Or you could also just make a post and ask it yourself!)

Process Org Chart™ Feedback

Over the years, we’ve developed our own secret weapon for systemizing businesses: The Process Org Chart™. This tool helps you define exactly what your business does so you can build ClickUp (and processes) around your own workflows.

As a member, you’ll not only learn how to create your own chart and unlock our gallery of example charts…you’ll also have the opportunity to receive personal feedback on each draft you create!


After you define your processes through our step-by-step framework, you’ll unlock steps to capture all your business knowledge in one spot using our Process HQ ClickUp template.

This “master template” is the customizable foundation of your entire system. It’s also exactly what we and hundreds of our clients use in our own businesses!

Vault of 45+ ClickUp Templates

Templates won’t fix a process problem, but they can certainly speed up the ClickUp implementation process.

You’ll unlock 45 (and counting!) ClickUp Space, Folder, List, Task, and Doc templates available exclusively to our members.

Become a member

Pick Your Plan

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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident our community is going to help you crush your process goals using ClickUp that we guarantee it. You have 14 days to review all the content that's already helped 400+ other business leaders like you. If you're not satisfied, you can contact us for a 100% refund. It couldn't be easier! 👍

The Core Curriculum

Our membership includes a step-by-step course for building processes in ClickUp. We’re constantly revising this curriculum based on member feedback and ClickUp updates, but you can review the core milestones of each phase below!


Define Your Processes


Build Your ClickUp Structure


Systemize Your Business

Your host, Layla

As a Process & ClickUp Consultant, I’ve worked with small teams who have struggled to get “what’s in their head” into ClickUp. Over hundreds of client engagements, I’ve learned two powerful lessons about ClickUp implementation services:

  1. Your ClickUp is only as strong as your processes, which is why done-for-you setups will often fail (even though no one wants to admit it).
  2. There’s no replacement for having a human anticipate your questions and help you find your way when you get stuck.

As our YouTube channel grew, the demand for ClickUp support was more than I could handle as a one-on-one service provider. That’s why, in 2020, I decided to share everything I know in one action-oriented membership.

Just like the 1-on-1 service it is based on, our membership helps businesses build strong processes (first!) while staying committed to providing as-you-need it human support to ensure you never get stuck or discouraged. This isn’t some passive product — I’m in the membership every single day, eager to help!

plus your support network


Community COach

Montana is your guide through the ClickUp learning curve. When you need help navigating a complex setup question or challenge, he’s ready!



T.J is the go-to problem solver for any billing and logistics challenges. You’ll also spot T.J championing ClickUp bugs that impact our members.

297 +


Join an international community of team leaders and business owners committed to process-building. It’s hard to overstate how helpful and friendly this group is!

We're not your only option for ClickUp training. You could...

Buy templates for

$20-$200 per file​

Basic templates with little to no support are all over the place…but your business isn’t cookie-cutter, is it?

That’s why we provide full access to a full vault of 45+ templates (with new resources added regularly) and are here to help you tailor each to your own goals and industry.

Everything is 100% included.

Hire a consultant for

$150-$800 per hour

In our membership, you get unlimited feedback from Layla and the community at no additional cost. Everyone — including Layla — is in there during the week to answer your specific questions (yes, really!).

This is in addition to our Weekly Reviews where we review every ClickUp Release plus host a live Q&A exclusively for our students.

Buy ClickUp courses for

up to $3K per course

Many “passive income” courses are tacked onto the back end of a busy service business. Unfortunately, as soon as these courses are created they are out of date.

This membership is our top priority because static courses aren’t effective for a tool that changes as often as ClickUp. We update our content every single week… just like ClickUp itself.

Our mission is to change how 1 Million small teams think about process.

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subscribers learning on YouTube
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leaders trained in ProcessDriven HQ™
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teams taught ClickUp skills

But don't take our word for it...

Frequently Asked Questions

We stand behind all of our products — they’ve each helped hundreds of business leaders like you already!

But — just in case — all products (effective June 2021) are covered with our hassle-free 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you purchased your product less than 14 days ago and aren’t satisfied with your purchase…just use the button below to request a refund. (Though we doubt you’ll need it! 😉)

If you’re not sure if ClickUp is a good fit, try watching some of our YouTube videos (or ClickUp’s own content) and creating a free ClickUp account (affiliate link) to explore it for yourself.

Generally speaking, ClickUp is ideal if:

  • You’re managing projects or tasks.
  • You like to define your own unique workflows.
  • You enjoy the strategy of organizing information.

ClickUp is probably NOT for you if:

  • You want your tools to be very simple.
  • You don’t like change or frequent updates to technology.
  • You need technology that’s great offline or on mobile.

Our courses are designed for people who already have decided, “Yes! ClickUp is right for me!” but just need help to figure out how to make the most of the tool.

Membership grants one user access to all included resources for the duration of their membership.

At the end of the term, your membership will auto-renew unless you cancel (which you can do at any time!). 

When your membership term ends, access is removed.

Yes! When you become a member, we include How to ClickUp, our ClickUp beginner course, as a free bonus.

If you buy How to ClickUp first and later want to upgrade, we also provide a special link to allow you to receive 100% of your How to ClickUp price credited toward your membership purchase.

How to ClickUp teaches a total beginner the fundamentals of using a fully set up ClickUp in their daily work. It’s ideal for Members or Guests in a ClickUp account.

ProcessDriven Membership covers just about everything else a business leader setting up and managing a ClickUp account might need to know in order to systematize their business. It’s ideal for Admin users of ClickUp accounts only.

Note: How to ClickUp is included in the purchase of ProcessDriven Membership at this time.

ProcessDriven Membership is designed to teach you how ClickUp works so your team’s Admin users can build out any type of situation in ClickUp with their own hands.

In addition to templates for how you might structure pieces of your ClickUp Workspace, you’re invited to ask questions unique to your Workspace  through the community at any time!

Some of our members join so they do not need to hire an outside consultant. Others join to complement the strategy provided be a consultant.

Zero experience with ClickUp is necessary to get started. We include the How to ClickUp beginner course with every membership! We start with the basics (like how to click your way around!) before we get into the fancy stuff. 

The lessons are made to be easy-to-digest and action-oriented…but if you’re ever stuck, just post in the community! This isn’t some sort of “passive revenue stream” — Team ProcessDriven is active and ready to help!

We do not provide any discounts or special exceptions for any of our offerings.

It’d ultimately be unfair to the rest of our members so please understand that it’s intended to maintain equality and fairness in our community.

Questions? Please email

Both! We don’t think most “passive” learning experiences actually create results for learners — and it sounds like you agree!

Layla and Team ProcessDriven provide personalized feedback primarily through our Community Forum.

Team ProcessDriven ensures no question is left unanswered.

We’re constantly in the forum providing feedback and troubleshooting for member discussions.

Beyond just the post-when-you-want format, our community members also receive invitations to our LIVE Weekly Q&As and a seat at our virtual Monthly Mastermind calls.

If you have any lingering doubts, just read some of our member testimonials on this page or shoot us an email at

We are not affiliated with ClickUp officially.

However, the host of this community (Layla at ProcessDriven) is a Vetted ClickUp Consultant. She’s made 200+ YouTube videos on the topic.

We walk members through three phases of a ClickUp setup project:

  1. Define Your Processes
  2. Build Your ClickUp Structure
  3. Systemize Your Business

We outline the lessons we cover in detail right here if you scroll up this very page!

It sure is! The membership was originally launched under the name “ClickingUp Community” but it was renamed “ProcessDriven Membership” in 2021 to better reflect what we actually do inside the membership. 

In the membership, we include unlimited community feedback via our Community Forum, group coaching, and our exact framework for how we help people set up ClickUp.

However, if you’re only in need of 1-on-1 strategy and don’t want to learn how to use the tool yourself, we may not be the best fit.

We’re not currently taking on any custom projects or implementation engagements.


Join us inside.

Not sure yet?
Try our Mini Course to learn ClickUp basics in one day.