Use ClickUp to Send Emails INTO Tasks ✨Automagically✨

Want to use ClickUp to send Emails into Tasks (or to create tasks from emails) automatically?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use email forwarding in ClickUp to (finally!) achieve inbox zero by using ClickUp.

To follow this ClickUp tutorial, you can be on a free ClickUp account or a paid one. (If you don’t have an account, sign up using our affiliate link at!)

Then, we’ll need to setup up Inbox Forwarding inside Gmail (or any email service provider, like Outlook) to automatically send certain emails into ClickUp.

Let’s dive in.

First, where do you want your email to end up?

You have two options here:

  • Have to email sent to appear as a comment inside an existing Clickup Task
  • Send an email into Clickup that will create its own NEW Task

Each and every Task in ClickUp comes equipped with its very own unique email address. You can find this unique address in the ellipses menu, and by clicking “attach emails to this task” inside each individual Task.

Turning a forwarded email into a COMMENT inside ClickUp

This one is simple. Whatever email you want to have forward into the ClickUp Task as a comment, simply copy that Task’s unique email address, go into your email tool – then forward the email you want inside ClickUp, to that unique address. (Much like you’d forward an email to any other email address.)

Layla gives examples of what that new comment now looks like inside ClickUp at 01:14.

Turning a forwarded email into a NEW TASK inside ClickUp

The other option is to use ClickUp to send emails into new Tasks. To do this, you’ll need the LIST’s unique email address (yep, ClickUp Lists each have one too!).

You can find that unique email address by locating the list in your sidebar under your Spaces, and in the ellipses menu, clicking “email instruction/create Tasks by email”.

You’ll notice this pop-up has many more options than given when using ClickUp to send emails into a Comment. By creating a Task, ClickUp now acknowledges the subject line as the Task name (which it does not do when sent as a Comment) and pulls a due date.

How to Automatically Forward Emails into ClickUp

If you’re in a business or industry where you have a ton of emails that are relevant to your Spaces in ClickUp, it can become quite time consuming to manually forward each email into ClickUp using each individual Task or List address.

The secret: Filters in your email inbox.

By simply clicking “Create a Filter” in your email inbox, you can add a condition of “when (example client/colleague, etc.) sends me an email, forward it immediately to (your unique List or Task email address).”

Layla goes into a step-by-step explanation here at 03:55.

Now, in order for this to be set up, your inbox will prompt you to “confirm the forwarding email address”.

Lucky for us, the email to ClickUp feature is smart enough to know that this confirmation needs to happen. So this forwarding address confirmation actually ends up as a new task right inside the ClickUp List, or a new comment inside the ClickUp Task.

Why Using ClickUp to Send Emails is Useful

One really common application is if you have a bunch of large clients that you’re frequently working with, that all email from a certain domain.

So for example, you could set up a filter to forward every email into the comments of a specific Task that comes from Where you have John Doe equals a task and you have one comment section with every email you’ve ever sent them.

Another common use case might be if you have another system that you’re working with that often shoots off automated emails like maybe “form has been submitted”, “proposals been accepted”, etc.

Or for example, you know that every time an email with a certain subject line comes in, it needs to end up in ClickUp. By setting a filter to have the condition of “when the subject line is “form has been submitted”, forward email to (your unique List or Task email address)” you can easily and automatically put all newly submitted forms right into your ClickUp account.

Essentially, rather than you even looking at it in your inbox, you can have ClickUp do that kind of busywork of sorting it over into ClickUp for you.

Here’s to less busywork and smoother processes!

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